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Why Do I need Analytics?

One of the most important (but often overlooked) aspects of digital marketing is setting up your analytics properly. Once you can accurately see where your visitors are coming from, you’ll be able to build more useful reports such as “goal completions by conversion source” (e.g. how many leads or sales are coming from Bing versus Facebook), or “sales by source/medium” (using Google Analytics’ e-commerce reporting features).

Being able to track where your visitors are coming from is a valuable opportunity to improve your engagement and your ROI during the campaign. Additionally, when you benchmark your campaign performance you will be able to improve your campaigns in the future, and budget more effectively. 

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About our Analytics:

  • We integrate Google Analytics into your website to start collecting data
  • When a visitor lands on your website, Google Analytics records that page view along with the source and medium that the visitor originated from. The “source” is the domain that the visitor came from, and the “medium” is a classification for different kinds of traffic. We can  also set a “campaign” parameter that can be used to further segment your traffic.
  • We then keep track of all of the metrics like amount of users, the bounce rate of each page, session duration, audience, acquisitions and behaviour of users.
  • Using Echo Creative to do your marketing and your analytics will mean that you have all of the resources and ability to grow your business, especially with the knowledge we will report to you on a weekly or monthly basis (depending on your preference).
  • The power of knowing where your customers are coming from, for example, is immense as we can then capitalise on the channels your customers are visiting your website and we can see which is the least used channel customers get to your website and we can then develop to increase the ways customers can reach your business. 

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